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What are Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are composed of a naturally-occurring protein that is injected into wrinkle forming facial muscles. Over time, the solution will disrupt the transmission of signals from nerve to muscle causing the muscle to become more relaxed, resulting in the overlying skin to appear smoother. The treatment takes about 10 minutes and is relatively painless.

What does the treatment involve?

At Beauty Secrets Australia, we complete a full consultation and assessment of all clients prior to any treatment. This is important to determine whether this treatment is suitable for the clients concerns.

The treatment itself involves a small amount of solution being injected into the selected facial muscles using a very fine needle. The procedure only takes about 10 minutes and the discomfort is minimal and brief, many refer to it as a sharp scratch. After the procedure, it takes about 2-7 days to notice the effect begin and 14 days for the full results to be seen.

How long will the treatment last?

It lasts for approximately 3-4 months depending on the individual and during this time the result will usually wear off slowly allowing expression lines to gradually return to their original appearance.

Is this treatment safe?

Although anti-wrinkle injections have been used for many years, there are times when they should not be administered.

  • During pregnancy

  • While breastfeeding

  • Certain medical conditions and medications

It is very important to let us if you have any past or present health concerns or taking any medications prior to treatment. While undertaking these tyes of procedures, it is important to remember that we are injecting these solutions in to the skin, therefore minor side effects such as redness, bruising and swelling can occur but usually only last a few days.

What areas can treated?

The areas that can be treated with anti-wrinkle injections are forever increasing but a few are:

  • Frown lines

  • Forehead lines

  • Crow’s feet

  • Eye brow lifts

  • Smokers lines

  • Chin dimpling

  • Neck lift

  • Migraine management

  • Excessive sweating

  • Teeth grinding and bruxism

Post-treatment advice

After any medical procedure, there are some basic rules to follow to ensure a positive outcome. At Beauty Secrets Australia we provide our patients with a full aftercare guide but some examples include

  • The first 4 hours

    • No laying down or having your head down for prologed periods

    • No application of makeup or touching the treated area

  • The first 24 hours

    • No rubbing of the treated area

    • No strenuous excercise or saunas

  • The first 2 weeks

    • No facials or massages to the treated area

    • No other treatment to the treated area

After these times, normal activities can occur but this advice is given to ensure the product is not moved or to help with reducing the severity of possible bruising or infection, all to ensure a positive outcome.